While the emotions are still lingering, we have some great news to share. On the last weekend of January, we participated in the International Exhibition in Vilnius, which was organized by Club LGAC. You know, I want to tell you so much, but it’s still hard to put my thoughts together… still fluttering.. from happiness.. surprise.. I won’t hide it, I also wiped away a tear… a tear of joy
I say a sincere thank you to the judges of the exhibition: Nadezhda Tervo, Elena Mundre, Briggita Pepermans, for noticing our animals, in such an abundance of wonderful animals.
I am extremely surprised by the surprise of Stasys Černiauskas, the president of the club LGAC… To be appreciated is a great honor. I have always thanked and thank you again for the opportunity to get to know and gain more knowledge and experience by touching this activity, thank you for the trust and faith that I will be able and capable… I hope for a long partnership in the future as well. Thank you.
Well, now… our cattery was represented by:
MAJA OF DEIDARU*LT  Best Neuter – 1 & 2 pl
WCF Neuter Ring – 2 pl/8
ESKIMO REDERA*LT – WCF Adult Ring – 6pl/26
Male fun show – 3 pl/16
BRENDA REDERA*LT – Best Adult female (1 & 2 group), Best
EUPHORIA OF DEIDARU*LT – Best kitten -1pl both days (1 &2 group)
WCF kitten ring – 3 & 7 pl/19
Female fun show – 3/20