Perfectly coordinated short vacation and participated in the international cat show in Poland. It was fun to take part in a cat show organized by the club Polski Zwiarek Felinologiczny (PZF), which took place in a wonderful entertainment center Kleszczowskie Animalia.
We come back full of good emotions, it was fun to meet existing and new like-minded people. We are grateful to the judges of the show for the high marks of our animals: Magdalena Swiatowiak , Kamil Kolczyński , Miro Jarmuszewski , Elena Mundre and to the club for abundant gifts .
❗ would like to draw attention and sincerely thank all the participants of the exhibition for their friendliness, service, ability to enjoy not only their own, but also the achievements of colleagues, and most importantly for the respect shown to the organizers, judges and each other until the end of the exhibition.❗
We came back with:
6 x Nom Bis
2 x BOB Junior -1
WCF ring – 4 place
Best Opp. Sex