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In our cattery new cat!!!


Our cattery ranks were complemented a charming shorthair scottish straight male, him name Deshenur Adagio Valentino, who came from Kiev, Ukraine. Cat is a great character, adapts quickly and already delights us with his own murmur. We hope that him is good with us…

Newbie debut!!!


July /4 2017 we took



Each year, the club announces the competition LGAC „Best Cat “and “BEST CATTERY“. Part in this competition and our pet, the results encouraging. So, no exception was in 2016, and again we participate the top five!!!
BEST ADULT male – 2 place!!!
BEST CATTERY – 4 place!!!

Start of new year!!!


25/26 February 2017 to participate in the exhibition LGAC club, Šiauliai (Lithuania), on which our little kitty Cupidon again was observed and evaluated:
2 x EX1, 2 x CACP, 2 x Nom Bis, WCF Kitten ring –2/17 and 4/23, both days – Best Kitten, Long hair and semilong hair shoe – Best Kitten.
We are very happy.

Our kitten live in Thailand.

Exhibition of new WCF club in Trakai


6-7 th of August 2016 we participated exhibition of new WCF club ALPHA CATUM in Trakai (Lithuania). In this show participated our new kitty Honeymur Ursa Major, which she open Inter Champion tittle, was nomination, and in special colour show (van, harlequin, bicolour) – Best Adult female!!!
We very happy, that our catterie’s male Vukki Catberry of Deidaru kittens in this show win – BEST LITTER!!!
(cattery Lemore, owner Sevelina Vitkutė)

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