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Our cats continues career


In the show organised by club LGAC that took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 24-25 September, 2011 our cats continues career:

first day – Scottish straight Aina Ran – EX1, Nom Bis; Scottish fold longhair Mikelangello – EX1, Nom Bis.
second day – Aina Ran – EX1, Scottish fold cats show – 1 place ( Best kitten), Mikelangello – EX1, Scottish fold cats show – 1 place ( Best junior).

New generation of Scottish Folds and Straights started their career


Litter “A” kittens participated in show organised by TOP MIAU 17-18 th of September 2011 that took place in Panevėžys ( Lithuania), started their career with wonderfull results: Aicho Aiko of Deidaru ( EX1), Aisim Sim of Deidaru (EX1), Aina Ran of Deidaru ( EX1, WCF Kitten Ring – 5 place) and junior Holly Molly Jazz Mikelangello (EX1, WCF Kitten Ring – 8 place). 22 kittens of different breeds participated in the Ring. Great results!

CH. BJORK Silver Kitty*LT gave birth to first her litter


2011-06-12 CH. BJORK Silver Kitty*LT gave birth to first her litter – 3 kittens (1female and 2 boys). Our Bjork is very carring mother.

New resident from Latvia


Wonderful Longhair scottish fold male Holly Molly Jazzz Mikelangello, came to cattery from Latvia. I hope he will raise to a fantastic male cat.



Scottish Fold and Straight  cattery “ Deidaru*LT “ registered in World Cat Federation, WCF. Cattery registration certificate No. CR/LT/08/2011

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