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About us

Hello, very nice to see you, dear readers, our web-site.


Our cattery is located in the western part of Lithuania – Mazeikiai, about 5 km. Republic of Latvia to the border strip.
Cattery “Deidaru* LT” officially registered at the World Cat Federation (WCF) and the Lithuanian Centre for Animal Producers (LGAC) member.
Our animals live with us as family members. All pets in our cattery and kittens raised with love, for it rewards us with your love. They are affectionate, friendly, get used to the procedure. Our goal is to breed healthy, good temperament scottish fold breed representatives, as much as possible approaching to the best exterior and breed standart, which bring joy to their new owners.


Our cattery you can buy a variety of Scottish fold and straight, not only short, but longhair kitten, as well as a variety of colours.


We hope that a visit to our site will give you a lot of positive emotions ….


Best regards,

Dalia Petkuviene

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